cfactor Experiences a “Gold Medal” Type of Year

   With the Winter Olympics just wrapping up, I can’t help but reflect on what it took for those elite athletes to perform the way they did.  The life time commitment it took just to be there as a participant.  I can only imagine what a thrilling, out-of-body experience it must feel like to be […]

Dwane Lay

5 Questions: Dancing With HR Star, Dwane Lay

I remember watching Michael Jackson’s first moonwalk – it was a moment when the world held its breath watching the smooth delivery of such an awesome new move. When you get to witness something executed with such grace and finesse you know that, in addition to the skill of the performer, there are a number […]

Personalized, Engaging Onboarding Experiences

This is a Preboarding Announcement. We are now inviting all New Employees…

We’ve all heard preboarding announcements many times over while waiting patiently to board a flight. If you are at all like me you’ve probably secretly thought to yourself “if I could only find a way to sneak into the preboarding line I could get comfortable before the rush of general boarding (and I could also […]


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